Isoformix is an early stage biotech company focusing on the development of next generation Mass Spectrometry (MS) protein clinical tests.  Mass Spectrometry has played an important role in protein biomarker discovery. However, only about dozen MS protein tests have been translated into clinical laboratories since the MALDI and ESI MS approaches were developed thirty years ago. While the cost and complexity of these assays are important factors impeding their clinical adoption, the new content generated via proteoforms detection could provide the impetus for further development and translation. 

Isoformix is developing a suite of MS protein tests targeting specific protein biomarkers that exhibit clinically significant proteoforms. These tests will be run on MS systems with sufficient sensitivity, resolution, and throughput for fully automated analyses. The new content brought by the detection of proteoforms will drive the proliferation of these MS tests – first in clinical utility studies and then for routine diagnostics.